Ternium creates value within its communities

Ternium is committed to the progress of the communities where it operates, and it believes that both growth potential, the company’s and the society’s, are entwined.

Lead by the principle “help those who help themselves” in each place where Ternium has industrial operations, the company promotes initiatives that improve life quality and strengthen institutions that promote the education and welfare of these communities.

According to this perspective education is the key topic, a standard that is applied equally within the company, where training and continuing professional development is encouraged.

The principles of our action in education are:

  • To strengthen technical education.
  • To reward academic merit through different kinds of scholarships.
  • To enhance graduate and postgraduate education.
  • To foster environment-friendly education.
  • To promote social inclusion by improving educational quality.

Technical Gene Program

The Technical Gene Program is a joint venture between Ternium, the State and the schools. The program aims reduce the gap between the knowledge of technical senior school graduates and the required profiles by the industrial labor market.

Among the main activities stands the technical internships at Ternium’s plant. Also, specific training activities are organized for teachers and principals. The program also features improvement of infrastructure and equipment of school rooms and workshops.

Program Facts (2014)

Afterschool Program Students

Merit Scholarships

Technical School Students

Scholarship Students

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